Oh the places you will go...

Think back to your last vacation (if you can remember it) … what has kept you from taking another one? We don’t know about you but a work schedule alone keeps us jammed-packed and then when you add on motherhood, a social life and much needed “me-time,” a vacay almost seems impossible. Not only that, but a plane ticket isn't always the easiest financial decision either. Needless to say, traveling is a hassle - but it’s worth the hassle. So how do you live your "best life now" without making it complete chaos?


Pencil it in: Look at your schedule - do you have free time? No? Me either. Just because you don’t have two weeks to spare doesn’t mean you don’t have 2 days. We sometimes think our next vacation is meaningless unless it involves us sitting in a lounge chair in Italy drinking a glass of chianti. Yeah that would be great, but maybe not this year. However, there are places you can escape to for a few days that can still fuel your inner adventurer.


Sedona, Arizona - Known for its natural healing vortex's, what better place to go than Sedona? It’s an easy trip that’s worth the planning. Sedona alone offers plenty of activities (free of charge) to keep your schedule as occupied as you want to make it. Get your heart rate up on one of their many scenic hikes or swim in a natural watering hole - the opportunities are endless (and the plane tickets are cheap)!


Ashville, North Carolina - Speaking from personal experience… this place is worth it. Ashville gives you a variety of things to explore. If you’re looking for some spectacular views take a hike up the smoky mountains and there you have it! If you're not looking to break a sweat though the town itself is filled with charming bars, restaurants and bed and breakfasts to fuel your getaway needs. 


Montreal, Canada - Okay… let’s say America just isn't cutting it but France is a little out of reach. A ticket to the French-Canadian wonderland, Montreal, can be extremely affordable if bought in advance. The town is filled with art, culture and great people! Summer weather rarely goes above 75 degrees and there are enough sites, hikes and croissants to keep you happily occupied : ) 


No more excuses, people! Get out there and get exploring! 

The Power of Personalization

Let's face it, we all think we are pretty damn fantastic and what's better than someone making us feel like they think we are fantastic too? Personalization is a key ingredient to building positive, fruitful relationships because it makes us feel like more than just a drop in the ocean to someone in their large-network of humans they are constantly dealing with on a daily basis. By choosing to get to REALLY know someone, you are choosing to send each email and make each phone call with the mission of making someone feel special.


One great way to start the mission of "getting personal" is to always use someone's name (more than just at the hello). It's proven that people tend to engage better in conversation when they are personally addressed throughout it. That doesn’t just apply to emails either, you can practice this in emails and even in casual conversation with people you meet every day. Taking little opportunities to make people feel special always pays off and makes you stand out.


Another great way to get personal is to keep track of what people are up to and incorporate that in your conversations. Are you pitching to an influencer? Ask about their most recent vacation or their latest big success to make them feel like they aren't just one of many in a mass email blast. Make sure to follow the people in your network on social media(s) to keep up with their lives and events! By doing this it also influences those people to follow you back and build up to follow/follower ratio. Who doesn’t want that?! With the non-stop advances in technology, it's becoming more and more normal for things to feel less personal. It's up to us to keep the beauty of good conversation and genuine relationships alive by taking small steps towards personalization! 

Working With Life

We all go through different seasons in our life that are easier to balance than others. Sometimes it can be hard for us to take a step back and see the big picture when things start feeling out of control. Although these “seasons” seem never ending – this too shall pass. One great thing about struggles (no matter how big or small) is what we learn about ourselves and life as we go through them. It’s crucial we don’t let the dim parts of life take away from all the wonderful success’ we have waiting for us in the future. Here are a few things we’ve picked up over the years that help stay on top of life when the goin’ gets tough…


Gratitude Tracking – We all know gratitude it important but sometimes we forget how to practice it. One way that has recently showed itself to me is taking five minutes in the morning to jot down a few things you’re grateful for. This really helps you take a breather and realize life is so good! Each day challenge yourself to write new things and not be too repetitive.


Yoga –  I’m a firm believer that yoga is for EVERYONE, even the fast-paced people. You don’t have to be super flexible, zen or patient to be a yogi. I, personally, can never sit still and yet I still manage to reap the benefits of yoga. It helps you take a breath and get back in touch with yourself. It’s easy to get so caught up in all the roles we play in life that we forget to come back down to Earth – that’s why we have yoga.


Situation Relation and Conversation – Treat yourself to the joys of conversation and a good vent session. Most importantly though, find a person who can relate to your situation as close as possible. This helps you get the advice you need from someone who’s been there. Sometimes the answers don’t make themselves present to us when we are waiting for them to magically appear – go out and find them. Don’t be a waiter be a go-getter! 

Top Editing Apps To Make Your Photos Stand Out



Let's face it, no one has time to invest in that $1,000 camera and then actually have the time to learn how to use it. However, with the world becoming more and more tech-savvy you need to find a way to turn those iPhone pictures in to professional ones (without having to go pro). Luckily for us there are countless apps out there designed specifically to do just that - it's just a matter of finding the perfect ones! After years of trial and error with different apps, it's safe to say we've found a few go-to's that will turn your pictures from drab to fab.


Afterlite - If you are just getting started in the social media world, Afterlite is the way to go! It's a free, easy way to brighten up your photos and has tons of different filters to help you find the perfect look. This was my go-to app for years and I have had nothing but great experiences with it.


ColorStory - Once you've gotten the hang of picture editing and are ready to really test your skills, ColorStory is the answer. Sadly, most of the best filters cost money but they are so worth it. This app has all the fixings of AfterLite plus a wider variety of filters and extra perks including light leaks and sun spots - they really add a natural yet professional touch to your photos.


Facetune - This app has been a real game changer for us lately. Like ColorStory, it’s a financial investment but the results are major! Facetune allows you to go in and fine-tune the little things to make your photos look more clear and higher resolution. You can enhance details, whiten teeth, and blur out backgrounds. I mean, who doesn’t want whiter teeth?!


VSCO - If you've got a niche for taking awesome photo's already and are looking for some more inspiration, VSCO is for you! It allows you to not only edit your photos, but create an archive of them that other people can have access to so they can get a taste of your work. You can also follow other photographers with similar style to yours to feed your creativity!

Our June Summer Work Playlist

A new season calls for a new set of jams! We are a firm believer in keeping a fresh music library to keep your days from falling in to too much of a ‘same-old-same-old’ routine. It's important you keep yourself uplifted and on the ball as you take on every new day of being a #boss! Here's a list of our favorite tunes (old and new) we plan on having on full blast this June:.


June's Tunes

1.     Still Feel Like Your Man - John Mayer

2.     Out Of My League (Josh One Remix) - Fitz and The Tantrums

3.     Oh! - Vallis Alps

4.     1957 - Milo Green

5.     Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

6.     Jarmin In The Dark - Young Monks

7.     Barcelona - George Ezra

8.     Temporary Love - The Brinks

9.     Rewind - Wingtip, Sophie Strauss

10.  Barcelona - Ed Sheeran

11.  Lost In The Light - Bahamas

12.  Gold (Thomas Jack Radio Edit) - Gabriel Rios

13.  Follow The Sun - Xavier Rudd

14.  Catch And Release (Deepend Remix) - Matt Simons

15.  Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac

16.  Mangrove - Young & Sick

17.  Water - Ra Ra Riot, Rostam

18.  Let's Be Still - The Head And The Heart

19.  Something Good - Alt J

20.  Love On The Weekend - John Mayer 

Three Easy Ways to Eat an Avocado


If you’re anything like us, an avocado is often your go-to snack. It's a healthy (but still delicious) way to keep you thriving between breakfast and lunch without throwing all your calories for the day down the drain before even hitting dinner. Sometimes though, just scooping out that green-goodness while running out the door can get a little old and repetitive. Here are some "avocado hacks" we've figured out to keep your snack healthy but diverse!


Tropi-cado - Oh yeah, it means what you think it does - a tropical avocado! This one requires a little prep time but it the pay off is huge. All you need is a mango, pineapple, cilantro, onion and a lime. Dice it all up, put it in a bowl, throw some lime in there and you've got yourself a tropical salsa. Next time your running out the door, dump some salsa on your avocado and you've got a whole new meal!


Avocado Toast - Yes this seems basic, but there are a lot of ways you could go with this. Our favorite way is to toast your bread in the oven with some goats cheese. While it's toasting you can fry up a quick egg and slap in on top when the cheese is melted. Bada-bing, bada-boom!


Avocado Salad - This is a nice lunch and dinner in-betweener because it's very light but gives you a lot of energy. Cut up a tomato, cucumber and avocado any way you prefer and toss it together with some olive oil, balsamic and salt! It's easy to store in your work-place fridge and super easy to snack on!


Get snack'n and stay healthy! 



See the Vision, Be the Vision


There are certain PR boss lady's advice we value more than others (check out our go-to PR blog post). One project we've noticed that come up in all of them is making your own vison board. What is a vision board you may ask? It's a personalized board made specifically to cater to you and your goals, dreams and desires. Its purpose is to be a daily reminder of why you're busting your buns day in and day out!


There are many ways to make your vision come to life - but our favorite is by using a bulletin board. Pick a spot on your wall that you can't miss and hang that sucker up. Before you get started, jot down a few of your life long dreams and come up with small ways you are reminded of them every day. By doing this, it'll make it easy to recognize different tangible pieces of inspiration throughout your day. As you go through your every-day-business-day, try and collect little notes, pictures and quotes that inspire you and begin pinning them onto your board. Before you know it, your vision board will be exploding with inspiration for you.


Vision Board FAQ

Where do I put it?

We think your vision board should be either in the center of where the majority of your creative juices being flowing (office) OR right in front of you when you wake up every morning (bedroom). I personally put mine in my room to get me jumping out of bed each morning! 


How long does it take?

The limit on this project is completely up to you. I think the more time and patience you put in to it the better because you need to be selective about what you’re choosing to look at every day for inspiration.


What are the benefits?

The real question is, ‘what AREN'T the benefits?!’ But really, we have already gotten so much out of our vision boards and are only just beginning. It has allowed us to track success’, brainstorm creative ideas, and motivate ourselves to be a better version of ‘ME’ every day!

Summer Festival Outfit Survival Guide

It’s official, summer is upon us and festival season is here! Whether you’re in to art, music or food, the Austin area has a little bit of everything to cater to your interests. However, you can’t take on this season’s hottest festivals without the right outfit to get you through those long-hot-summer days and nights. Being the festival-goers we are, we came up with a few outfit survival tips to help you get the most out of your festival festivities this year in ease AND style.



SHOES: This is a big one…you’re going to be depending on your shoes for 8-12 hours so choose wisely. We get it though – beauty is pain and sometimes you must risk the comfort of your feet for the fight for fashion. If your anything like us though, if the shoes aren’t comfortable they end up in my purse an hour into wearing them.

OUR TIP: New Balance, Adidas or Converse! Yes... they aren’t your typical go-to pair of sandals but both New Balance and Adidas have recently made a comeback in the fashion world so it’s easy to sport these bad boys and still feel like a bad ass. Just wish we kept ours from the 90s!

Here’s a pair we’ve had our eyes on recently to give you a little inspiration…


OUTFIT: Nothing says, “I hate myself” like wearing a strapless bra to a festival. In other words, avoid them and any outfit dependent on them at all costs! I’m not saying you must surrender yourself to a sports bra – but be wise on what you’re about to put your “girls” through.

OUR TIP: Breezy with a bralette! A bralette is an easy way to dance your way through each concert in style (and comfort). Top it with an easy breezy dress and there you have it. Cute and cozy – what more could you want?

This is a dress and bralette combo that would look great with your new pair of new balances ^…


ACCESSORIES: If you’re from Texas, you know the sun is something that can’t be avoided – but it can be tolerated! There are ways (aside from sunscreen) to protect your skin and eyes from the harsh summer rays while keeping you on the road to being a fashion icon.

OUR TIP: Sun hat! No, this does not mean you must go for the tacky-tourist floppy hat. You can find a stylish in-betweener that protects your face from the dreaded festival sunburn and your eyes from missing your favorite concert due to sun-blindness.

Here’s a go-to festival hat (that would pair well with your new dress, bra, and shoes…hint hint)   


There you have it people; Enjoy and fest on!